Motor and Generator Disassembler

Full Time La Vergne, TN
10Perform various operations in disassembly of minor assembly operations of motors and generators.
Remove end bells, bearings, brush holders, armatures, and other components. Identify and mark for assembly.
Record simpler connection data, lead locations, take out sample coils. Clean with steam jet degreaser, wire brush, cleaning tank. Paint parts with spray gun or brush.
Reassemble axle caps prior to machining or welding operations.
Install brush holders, do not final adjust, however.
Use various tools, air operated impact wrenches, frame assembly stand for tilting of motors, for access, overhead jib cranes and various material handling equipment as forklift trucks to move material, deliver frames, armatures and bearing parts to wash area.
Make minor repairs on components, perform other work occasionally as specifically directed where factor degrees are in keeping with this rating.
Use hydraulic pump presses oxygen acetylene torch to remove pinion gears and other bearing parts.
Do not post dip cleaning of frames, etc. Deburr frames.
Typical Parts: Traction equipment such as EMP, GE, and others.

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