Field Coil Repair Associate

Full Time La Vergne

Get motor history, customer, bore size, misc. data from inspection sheet.

Clean up frame, buff fits, deburr, install, and weld axle keys. Install axle caps with crane and air wrench. Deburr. Match up caps to frame they were machined with. Hand tap all threaded holes on frame to clean up varnish, etc. from threads. Install brush holders, weld oil cups on. Paint inside of motor with spray gun and booth.

Get armature, check with production control for specific armature and location. Move to assembly area with available material handlers equipment. Assemble components on armature; bearings, grease, housing, inner and outer caps, slingers, etc. Write requisitions to stores for proper assembly components, gaskets, bolts, bearings. Visual inspection of shaft and clean up burrs is necessary prior to assembly.

Use crane and assembly fixture to insert armature into frames. Visual alignment of components necessary. Remove covers from armature and do bearing run out tests on each end using a dial indicator and adjust withing specific tolerances. Check radial clearance of end play of bearings with feeler gauges. Record bearing serial numbers and run out test results, grease record, etc. Close up motor, install seals, shrink fit using electric oven to heat seals. Adjust brush holders and install brushes.

Connect motor to welder and operate to seat brushes and general functional test of motor.

Install pinion gear, must be blued to fit on tapered shaft with minimum 80% fit. File, emery cloth, and where necessary lap in order to obtain proper fit. Pinion gear is then heated to specified temperature range and fitted onto shaft to gage tolerances. Use pyrometer to check temperature. Do mic. Work such as drilling holes in inner bearing cover for grease retaining ring. Do minor welding as necessary to complete motor.

Operator should be familiar with customer assembly specifications and exercise care to insure that he/she is working to the latest revised specs.

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