Full Time La Vergne, TN
Perform ordinary testing on low voltage armatures and stators of simple construction and ordinary windings.
Make incoming or preliminary inspection of ordinary work received for service repairs as directed, involving making a sketch of the item in perspective as a guide for work in repairs and reassembly, showing the location and the position of parts, leads, and other details such as obviously broken, worn, faulty or missing parts, length, and number of leads, etc.
Record winding data by giving simple measurements and facts.
Perform ordinary testing of windings for proper connections, shorts, and grounds during the progress of repairs at stages as directed, involving the use of an electronic bar to bar tester, compass, battery, and ground tester, and make similar final tests together with “DLRO”, surge, and running tests using a megohmmeter, surge tester, etc..
Record data on special forms provided.
Make a final inspection to assure compliance with indications for repairs on the sketch made when received. Inspect the general appearance of the job and clean or smooth all surfaces, applying paint and varnishes to finish.
The work involves planning and performing a sequence of inspection or test operations on ordinary units where a reasonable number of variables in reaction of test apparatus is encountered, and standard and recognized methods are available within the limits of the established precedent.
Plan and perform incoming or tear-down inspection of mechanical parts for a limited number of different traction motors.
May occasionally do minor cleaning to check parts or deburr or file small nicks or defects to permit inspection. Determine if parts are economically salvageable and dispatch to the proper plant area.
Use surface plates, inside and outside micrometers, fixed, contour, and feeler gauges, depth micrometer and dial indicators, etc. to measure parts for mechanical tolerances.
Mechanical inspection includes but not limited to bearing caps, housings, shafts, and other motor parts as directed.
When not engaged in the work outlined above, assist in other duties with similar skill as directed.

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